From a future time, Mowzl sees our world with new eyes.

He arrives in the human world to find himself transformed into a toy mouse, but alive, with feelings and a big heart.  Unable to remember how he got here, he hopes that the children he meets will be able to help him find his way home. He teaches them the magic of talking with wild creatures and together they embark on a quest to heal the damage that humans have inflicted on the great mystery of the wild web.

The Adventures of Horatio Mowzl trilogy is an illustrated children’s story reflecting on the impacts that human activity is having on the environment, whilst taking readers on a whirlwind adventure.

 Volume One, 'Little Humans', is available online from Amazon as Kindle or printed book, and may be ordered from bookshops.

Volume Two, 'First Purlings' is available on Amazon.

Volume Three, "The Great Rising', will be available later in 2019.

The author and Mowzl would love to hear your comments, email them at:

To purchase in print or ebook click on link below

The Adventures of Horatio Mowzl Volume One Little Humans 

The Adventures of Horatio Mowzl Volume Two First Purlings 

© 2019 Paul Thornycroft

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