The Adventures of Horatio Mowzl


Volume Two: First Purlings
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The Adventures of Horatio Mowzl

Notes on Nature Deficit Disorder

The Adventures of Horatio Mowzl

Chapter One


Dear Mr. Thornycroft,

I liked your book very much.  It was very interesting that it was set in the present tense, I have not read many books like that.  I feel really sorry for Mowzl (Emmy?) because it is horrid to be homesick, let alone trapped in another world!  I loved the fact that the main character, who was brave and adventurous, was an animal that many people think of as small and troublesome.  My favourite bits were when Mowzl tells LuLu & Pip (Pippee?) the storys, (especially ‘Snow!’ because it snowed recently, and we had great fun) because I could vividly imagine the fun, excitement and terror the mice must have felt.  I thought it was really funny and nearly laughed out loud when Mowzl woke Pip up by tickling him and singing funny songs.  For the first few minutes of reading I didn’t quite see a plot, but I soon settled into the story and enjoyed it immensely.  After thinking over the storyline and plot, the story (I think) is uniquely different in a very good way.  It was a really good book and I can’t wait to read the rest in the series.


                      Leela A. K.

                      age 10

‘The Goat and the Gold’, a story written by Leela when aged 8, is available to listen here

Leela has recently written a story called ‘The Bog Child’ which has won a major national writing competition in Ireland, sponsored by the national broadcaster RTE.

Latest news

"When I see nature brutalised I feel a deep, visceral anguish.  I feel loss, confusion and guilt, adding up to a feeling of abandonment–– but have I abandoned nature or has nature abandoned me?"

New Article Published on Nature Deficit Disorder

Click here to read the full piece. 


Thank you, Mya-Rose, Birdgirl, for interviewing me!


Mya-Rose Craig, a young naturalist, has a mission.  By means of her writing, talks and use of social media (to mention just a few of her many activities) she strives to –– “do everything that I can to save the environment from damage, and to persuade people to do the same.  I want everybody to be involved in this world-saving campaign.”


Greatly impressed by her achievements (Mya-Rose is 16), I got in touch to ask her if she would be willing to write a blog about Mowzl.  She agreed, and the link below will take you to her blogsite where you can see her article about Mowzl and her other wonderful writing.


Follow the Link!  Thank you.

Paul Thornycroft

Author of the Mowzl Trilogy

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