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Children's books concerning climate breakdown and the ecological crisis that politicians are ignoring
The narrative combines the magic Mowzl brings with real-life drama, transforming and radicalising the children's lives

Mowzl's books are for you if you, or someone you know, would like a good story that helps us all to understand more about the ecological crisis we now face, and how the power to make real change rests in the hands and hearts of children all over the world.

For children 8 - 13 - 80 years of age

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Read some excerpts
from the Mowzl books
About Me

Born in 1949, I spent my childhood roaming free in the countryside learning from Nature, about Nature.  I have seen the loss of Wild Nature happening ever faster, and all over the world. Children are paying the greatest price for this, and they are not being told the truth. Mowzl tells it how it is.

Artistic Director, Stroud Festival 

The story is deftly woven between our damaged world of now, and the world of Mowzl, some long time in the future, to which he is trying to return. Mowzl charms his human friends and brings children and adults alike closer to wild nature, confronting them with the painful realities of our planet's sickness. Realising how much they have lost touch with nature, they find the courage to be transported within, to a deeper understanding of nature. Whether you are a child or a grown up, this tale will appeal to all ages; it is one of hope and encouragement, which I most earnestly recommend to you.

{Rick Vick was the first adult to read the Mowzl manuscripts from beginning to end. He always encouraged me to keep going.
Rick died on 30th November 2019}

Rick Vick

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